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RUME applies creative and entrepreneurial thinking to all aspects of owning, managing, and investing in real estate assets.

Community Occupied
Rapid Renovation Program

RUME’s proprietary repositioning strategy that entails renovating multiple interior apartment units in a day while keeping it occupied. Exterior and amenity areas are simultaneously completed.

RUME leads the industry in our proven three-prong strategic approach:

Multi-Family Core Plus

Income and Growth

Can employ our CORR improvement program with lower capital outlay typically on newer vintage properties.

< $10k aggregate per unit capital improvement business plan.

May include renovating interiors, exteriors, and/or common areas. Capital is deployed where needed with the goal of optimizing yield on cost.

Goal is to drive value while protecting overall basis.

Multi-Family Value Add

Income and Growth

Can utilize our CORR value-add improvement strategy.

> $10k aggregate per unit capital improvement business plan.

Properties may be stabilized or not, but must be well located in our strategic markets that check the key area fundamentals needed for our business plan to succeed.



Leverages our network of partnerships with institutional investors, local landowners, non-profit organizations, and local governments.

Builds state-of-the-art apartment rental communities in strategic core locations.

Delivers institutional-quality rental communities and holding through stabilization.

Can include adaptive re-use conversations ie. office buildings to apartment and mixed use communities.

RUME works to add value during the holding period and then seeks to exit within 3 to 7 years from acquisition.

Risk Mitigation

Along with driving the bottom line for our investments and investors, RUME implements the
following measures to manage risk and protect capital:

Enhanced Value Through
CORR Program

Program decreases vacancy loss during repositioning while achieving new stabilized value in shorter period of time.

We leverage mobile labor force to ensure timely and cost-efficient completion of projects.

Interest rates and lease-up risks are reduced while income growth is accelerated.

CORR features a comprehensive integrated management system that monitors property operations.

Program provides protection against losses by tracking compliance.


We have a proven track record of success with 60+ years of collective real estate experience.

We are focused on certainty of execution with a rigorous underwriting process to ensure fundamentals and value-add strategies are in place.

We have the ability to drive performance through hands-on approach with third-party teams and increased returns from option premiums.


We provide more affordable, quality-renovated options for tenants.

Our value-add reposition strategy addresses shortage of affordable housing driving demand in the United States.

RUME’s fully integrated platform includes seven
distinct verticals that work in lockstep with one
another to optimize asset performance and
investment returns.

Connect With RUME

RUME Principals have 60+ years of collective team experience investing, managing, and overseeing the construction of real estate properties throughout the United States.

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