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Night skyline of Chicago near RUME Office

RUME: Our 60+ Years of Collective Team Experience Investing & Managing

RUME, a Chicago vertically integrated real estate investment firm, has over 60+ years of collective team experience investing and managing real estate assets, under the leadership of Nate Reichard, RUME principal and partner. While driving the bottom line for our investors is top of mind, RUME USA’s team of professionals also believes that investing with integrity and responsibility will ultimately create meaningful value that lasts for the long-term. RUME’s proven track record of success in its income and growth strategies.

“RUME USA was founded as a response to what our principals identified as a unique opportunity in the real estate investing and development market: the need for a truly vertically-integrated firm that applies a process-oriented and entrepreneurial ethos to its investment and value-add processes,” says Nate Reichard.

RUME’s team of professionals brings nearly three decades of highly relevant expertise to our practice and bolsters RUME’s core capabilities in asset acquisitions, property management, reporting and analytics, and complex construction challenges.

Leadership That Drives Chicago’s Real Estate Investment & Management Assets

Entrepreneurial Real Estate Operating System are five words that best describe RUME. “From day one, our abiding vision has been to challenge the present and to defy the status quo. The entrepreneurial ethos is hard-wired in our DNA – we constantly reinvent ourselves, our work and our processes,” Nate Reichard says. “Nothing is so sacred that it cannot be constantly refined and made more efficient in order to transcend stakeholder expectations.”

By owning and managing all of our projects, a foundation is built that’s integral to RUME’s ongoing commitment to process, innovation by technology, and organizational culture.

“RUME is driven by innovation, integrity, and entrepreneurial spirit. We pride ourselves on serving as stewards of our investors’ capital and as engineers of real, lasting transformations within our assets,” says Reichard.

RUME applies creative and entrepreneurial thinking to all aspects of owning, managing, and investing in real estate assets. Our success is based on RUME’s fully-integrated platform, which allows us to manage all aspects of our real estate portfolio. RUME principals have over 60 years of combined team experience owning and managing real estate properties throughout the U.S.

“With our team’s collective experience, inherited entrepreneurial prowess, and individual accomplishments, we help provide families and communities with the financial tools and resources needed to thrive in today’s market,” says Nate Reichard.

Learn How RUME’s Team Can Increase Your Bottom Line

Reach out to a RUME real-estate investment specialist in Chicago to learn more about RUME’s 60+ years of collective team experience investing & managing real estate assets, and what they can do to enhance your real estate investment portfolio.

About Chicago-based, RUME USA, a Vertically Integrated Real Estate Investment Firm.

Headquartered in Chicago, led by Nate Reichard, RUME USA is a vertically integrated real estate investment firm with a proven record of success in its income and growth strategies. Founded in 2010, RUME’s founding principals, with six decades of collective experience, have a wide breadth of diverse real estate investment, driving the bottom line for investor assets and creating lasting value for the long term. Contact RUME USA online at, call 630-381-0400, or email

Nathan Reichard is a lifelong entrepreneur, based in Chicago. Nate launched his career as an insurance producer before moving to mortgage banking and Real Estate Investing. In 2010, he founded Reichard Real Estate, LLC, an investment company focused on acquiring single-family, Multifamily and self-storage properties. He later founded and launched the self-storage brand called Becubed Storage, an automated self-storage Real Estate model. He is also the founder of Reichard Capital.

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