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RUME USA is based in Chicago REIF

Real Estate Investing in a Post-COVID World

RUME USA is based in Chicago REIF

Why Multifamily Investments? Resiliency through COVID & ideal market cycle timing real estate is cyclical and has traditionally been on a 10-year cycle, with some exceptions. Industry data suggested real estate was at the top of the market with compressed cap rates and low cost equity aggressively chasing multifamily real estate. With the onset of COVID-19, the cycle was quickly shortened, creating a unique opportunity for the entrepreneurial operators who had the technology and knowledge to manage the upheaval of a worldwide pandemic. Learn how Chicago real estate firm RUME USA implemented a system that excelled through the challenges of the pandemic and serves as a model for real estate investing in a post-COVID world.

Because of RUME’s entrepreneurial inspired operating system with its commitment to technology and strong leadership, the firm’s occupancy rates, through the pandemic, maintained 95% as a portfolio and collections were managed very methodically, leading affected residents to State and Federal Cares Act programs to recover any sizable bad debt.

Entrepreneurial operators like RUME can take advantage of the contraction phase, which is where the buying opportunities are prevalent.

We believe RUME’s core target asset acquisition strategy is unique and opportunistically positioned for growth opportunities while mitigating real estate cycle risk.

RUME applies creative and entrepreneurial thinking to all aspects of owning, managing, and investing in real estate assets. Our Community Occupied Rapid Renovation Program (CORR) is RUME’s proprietary repositioning strategy that entails renovating multiple interior apartment units in a day, while keeping the building occupied. Exterior and amenity areas are simultaneously completed. Since its founding, RUME has acquired 23 projects totaling more than 4,500 units.

RUME works to add value during the holding period and then seeks to exit within three to seven years from acquisition.

RUME Mitigates Risk for Our Value-Added Multifamily Investments

How Chicago real estate investment firm RUME USA mitigates risk for our value-added multifamily investments through the CORR Program:

• Minimizes vacancy loss during repositioning while achieving new stabilized value in a shorter time period. Leveraging our mobile labor force to target timely and cost-efficient completion of projects.

• Compressed timeline for renovation project completion minimizes effect of interest rate hikes and accelerates stabilization to achieve proforma rent growth.

• Features RUME’s vertical integration and best-in-class management systems.

Let RUME Enhance Your Portfolio Through Multifamily Investments

If you’re looking for a stable investment opportunity with great potential returns, multifamily properties are a good option to consider. By working with a market leader like Chicago real estate investment firm RUME USA, you can make sound decisions when it comes to your real estate investments. COVID-19 has created both challenges and opportunities for investors in the multifamily housing market. RUME USA has a proven track record of success in the multifamily property market, and we can help you navigate the current market conditions to find the right investment for you.

Chicago-based, RUME USA, a Vertically Integrated Real Estate Investment Firm

Founded in 2010, Nate Reichard, Rose Tang, and Carl Schirtzinger leads the Chicago-headquartered real estate investment firm, RUME USA. With its proven record of success in its income and growth strategies, RUME USA’s six decades of collective real estate investment experience drives the bottom line for investor assets and creates lasting value for the long term. Contact Nate Reichard at RUME USA online via, call 630-381-0400, or email

Nathan Reichard is a lifelong entrepreneur, based in Chicago. Nate launched his career as an insurance producer before moving to mortgage banking and Real Estate Investing. In 2010, he founded Reichard Real Estate, LLC, an investment company focused on acquiring single-family, Multifamily and self-storage properties. He later founded and launched the self-storage brand called Becubed Storage, an automated self-storage Real Estate model. He is also the founder of Reichard Capital.

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